Monday, April 28, 2008

Not so scary ride

I read on the CB750 forum about some guy- oh hell, I'll just re post it (unless you are a gear head like me you wont get the tech talk so skip to the bold parts and then the bottom):

My bike was not running on all cylinders so As recommended I
cleaned the carbs and all is well. Mostly, Now all cyls run. however it only will run choked. I did install new throttle cables and a new choke cable. I am sure my idle adjuster was moved also while cleaning the carbs, is there an easy way to figure this out, with choke pulled it runs and high RPM's, unless I push the choke at least half way back. I assume thats cause the
idle is way too high. however when The choke is off, the bike will have a very low rpm then die. idle adjustmnt way too high maybe? I am kinda lost here,. also trying to think if it could posibl be some gunk from the carbs still, but I cleaned them completely. Any help Would be greatly appreciated
It's a 1980 CB750K

Last spring I had the exact same problem. My brother in law told
me to dump some SeaFoam in the gas tank and it probably would take care of it. I was hesitant but I did it. I took it out on the hiway and took it up to about 50 MPH in third gear and held it there. All of the sudden the engine started to pop and then it would run better. Then it would pop again and then run a little better. After about 4 miles I turned around and by the time I got back home it was running and idling perfectly. I now believe in SeaFoam.

Okay, so my bike has 60+ thousand miles on it. I did about 3500 of those. The bike was filthy when I got it for a few hundred bucks. Anyways, I thought I should try this (the bold face print). Needless to say, I was a little scared. As much as I want to push my bike and really get a feel for exploratory riding, I don't with anyone yet and so I don't have someone to learn from really. Anyway, I've been using SeaFoam for the last few fill ups and today made the third. I had Karl follow me and pushed my bike and here are the results: 50-55 mph in 3rd for several minutes at three different times on the same ride and purring like a kitten. About 5000 rpms consistently. accelerating to 70 mph in 4th and the same. I think I've under estimated my bike (and myself) by oh.. a lot.

And just as a warning, I saw a guy, he had taken a nasty spill. His bike, a 2001 GSR-X 1000 was ALL banged up on the left side. After our detective work Karl and I decided he took a spill at the last corner, got the bike up, rode it as gas leaked out a crack some where, parked the bike, called for help, loaded it into a truck and drove off. I could go into how we figured it out but then I'd have to tell you how we were hiding in the bushes on a country road and that's for another night.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Not a Fun Night

It was three am before I got to bed last night. No I hadn't gone out, I discovered Window's Movie Maker and some extrodinarily complex (aka simple to everyone but me) audio mixer and decided to make a movie out of last weekend's beach trip. If I ever get it done I'll put it up.

Anyways, just as I was about to pass out I head a very distinct THUMP THUMP THUMP. Karl prodded me out of bed with "it's YOUR rabbit." As I stumbled down the stairs I realized that for the first time since I brought bunny home I had thoughtlessly turned off every light in the house. After searching high and low, I finally found a very terrified Cody stuck in the dark bathroom unable to see the door was still open and thumping his little heart away in terror. I wonder if there's a market for bunny night lights...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I Want To Start By Clearing Something Up

Cody is my rabbit. He does not ride a motorcycle. In fact, he does not ride anything. Most of the time he is playing hide and seek with his invisible friends, shedding where ever he thinks I'll sit next, and pooping. And the funny thing about it is, I never see him poop; the litter box is just magically full. Maybe it's all those invisible friends.

Anyways, I ride a motorcycle, a CB750 with 60,000+ which was (and still is) a bit of a mess. And this blog is about MY adventures with my bike and bunny, not their adventures with eachother. I just had to condense that a little to make a sensible title. Make no mistake, I'm sure Cody would rather knock the motorcycle over than go on a windy adventure.